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1.1   All of our new Radiators have a 2 year, 50,000km replacement warranty to the original purchaser of the radiator and are not transferable.

1.2.   All warranties are against material manufacturers defects provided that:

  • a) Radiators are fitted to the correct vehicle they were designed for
  • b) There is proof that before installation residue/dirt deposits removed, cooling system flush and anti-freeze was used
  • c) The cars cooling system has been inspected and found to be in good working condition before installation
  • d) Cooling system has been checked for stray electrical currents which were correctly fixed and inspected by a qualified auto electrician before the new radiator was installed
  • e) New antifreeze only was used after installation – not mixed
  • f) Coolants meet manufacturer standards – no long life/pink anti-freeze
  • g) Transmission lines are fitted from the car to the radiator
  • h) Drain plugs, sensors and checks for stray currents are checked following installation
  • i) Radiator is flushed and new coolant added after 1 year or 15,000 km whichever comes first; followed by a second service after 2 years or 30,000km whichever comes first
  • j) Installation is by a professional or authorised technician that has followed professional steps and checks before during and after installation in accordance with industry practice.

1.3.    Warranty Exclusions – The warranty will not apply to:

  • a) Labour, Service or delivery costs resulting from faulty product
  • b) Damage from negligence of any other party except Radiator Warehouse
  • c) Consequential loss or damage from faulty product
  • d) Products used in racing vehicles or highly modified vehicles
  • e) Products modified or tampered with prior to or after installation
  • f) Products used in commercial vehicles, including taxis and mini-vans, used for prolonged periods of time with the engine on while stationary
  • g) Acts of God
  • h) Overheating problems caused by the radiator resulting in other parts of vehicle, including transmissions, becoming damaged. It is expected that the driver of the vehicle takes steps, monitoring gauges, noises and steam/odours to make checks and inhibit damage.

1.4.    Warranty commencement - The warranty starts from the date of purchase and an Invoice must be presented upon claiming against any warranty. Radiator Warehouse has no control        over the end use or the proper fitting of the products purchased and cannot be held responsible for any defects caused by improper fitting or incorrect use.

1.5.    Radiator Warehouse require Garages and other fitters to complete the Installer Log and return this log on completion of each log page or six monthly whichever is the earlier.  This collects important information on installation and warranty risks.  We also will use this for the collation of a prompt payment bonus rebate back to our loyal customers.

1.6.    Radiator Warehouse require Garages and other fitters to provide their customer with the Vehicle Owner Information sheet at the time of fitting and keep it up to date with the services over the warranty period if they wish to access the 2 year 30,000 km Radiator Warehouse Warranty

1.7.    Radiator Warehouse require Garages and other fitters to complete the Radiator Installation and Claim form at installation and then to be completed in the event of a Claim.

NOTE: All of the forms in 1.5-1.7 related to Warranty are designed to be simple, help you the Installer and ourselves capture the facts and manage the process efficiently.  Our goal is to minimise problems so that you and Radiator Warehouse can achieve speedy resolution in the rare occasion failure occurs.

Terms of Trade

2.1     Agreement – by ordering and receiving goods supplied by  Radiator Warehouse you agree to the terms & conditions set out in these terms of trade

2.2     Acceptance – you are deemed to have accepted goods as ordered unless you make a credit claim within 7 days of order

2.3     Liability – operating a credit account is conditional on the directors of your company agreeing to personally and severally guarantee any debts owed by your company to Radiator Warehouse.

2.4      Invoice - A GST Invoice will be provided with all purchases. Please retain your Invoice as proof of purchase.

2.5      Title to goods – while risk passes to the customer on delivery you agree that goods remain the property of Radiator Warehouse until fully paid for and may be uplifted by them or their agent in event of default of this agreement. 

2.6      Shipping - Radiator Warehouse sends all parcels by Courier which takes 1-2 working days. Overnight premium freight can be purchased for $20 additional including GST. 

Delivery will be according to the agreed timing but Radiator Warehouse is not liable for any potential loss if the courier company is delayed.  We select and change courier company’s based upon their performance delivering to our customers.

2.7     Payment terms -Payment must be made strictly on 20th of the month following supply.  On the purchase of your first Radiator we do need you to complete the customer application form and you must pay the sum due in the monthly statement.  If you fail to pay by the due date you will be charged 2% late payment fee plus any cost of collection from a debt collection agency. 

2.8     Remittances – are to be by Bank Deposit:

Radiator Warehouse
ANZ Bank
06 0851 0219932 00

Please put your customer name in code and customer number in reference field.  Invoice number should be in reference field for a one off purchase.

2.9      Returns - Returns need to be in the original packaging in the condition that they were supplied, along with a copy of the original invoice.  Return fees will be applied for freight and re-boxing.

2.10    Privacy - All information provided to Radiator Warehouse will be considered private and confidential and will not be passed to any third party without customer consent.

Intellectual Property

3.1      All rights are reserved over the catalogue, website and other publications issued by Radiator Warehouse.  All images, pictures, part numbers and other details contained within are only to be used by Radiator Warehouse customers who have accepted the terms of the customer application form.

3.2     No person may copy, change or distribute the Radiator Warehouse catalogue with prior approval of Radiator Warehouse.  No person may use the Radiator Warehouse catalogue website or part numbers as a reference when supplying or selling non Radiator Warehouse products.